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  Win $10,000 in cash prizes

·       From January 2012 every Eventing NSW registered volunteer will gain tickets in a raffle every time they volunteer at an Eventing NSW event.

·       A full day volunteering gains 2 tickets.

·       A half day volunteering gains 1 ticket.

·       The draw for rewards will be conducted December 11th 2012.

 In line with Trade Promotions lotteries.  http://www.licence.nsw.gov.au/

Licence Type: Lottery-Trade Promotion-Single Promotion  

1st prize: $3,000

2nd prize: $1,000

3rd prize: $500

4th prize: $500

+ 50 x $100

Just two easy steps to be included in the draw

  1. Register as an Eventing NSW Volunteer.
  2. Record your Volunteering days. A file will be published every week.

Note: Registration as a Volunteer will require that you agree to your contact details (email and Mob number) being available to participating affiliated clubs.

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