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NSW Interschools competitions

Interschool competitors will have their school recognised in Eventing competitions results.

To be part of the Interschools competition you MUST be a current member of Equestrian Australia. In most cases this will be the NSW branch but interstate competitors competing in NSW events can still be recognised.

To enable this to happen the school data must be consistent. So please take in the time to tell us about you school by filling in the questionnaire below.

And remember to tell your school, about your results and that they can be obtained at the  Eventing NSW website. Schools like to be informed about sporting achievements! And if you have a school saddle cloth, use it when doing the cross-country phase. Your school will appreciate a photo with their school saddlecloth being used.

The winning Interschool competitor in each level and division at Eventing NSW competitions will receive a saddle patch. Sponsored by Horse Zone. For more information about the NSW Horse Zone Interschools recognition  click here.

If you aren't an Eventing competitor you can still fill out the questionnaire, if you compete in any EA Interschools competitions (Dressage, Jumping, Show Horse etc) it will help with the point score for the NSW championships in 2012.


I am a school student in 2011*

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What is your EA number?*

Please indicate your school from the list below or if your current school is not listed use the other button and please remember to fill in your school in the next question*

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I would like to add the follwong school to the list

I have chosen a school above but can you please correct the name of the school

The name of your school Equestrian Coordinator

Your school Coordinators email or school office email

I will be a school student in 2012*

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