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Welcome to the registration page for the EvNSW Development Program.

Please take the time to read the information on the Junior (up until the end of the year of turing 18) & Young Rider (up until the end of the year of turning 21) Development program, before registering. Including information about coaches, venues and dates. click here.

Eventing NSW will make every effort to include you in the Squad of your choice.

Please ensure that horses names are consistent with results from 2010.

 Making an application for an Eventing NSW Development Squad constitutes implicit acceptance of the Equestrian Australia Dangerous Activity Acknowledgement. I understand that riders and guardians will be required to electronically sign the acknowledgement when booking for specific clinics.

All participants agree to follow the directions of the coach and that any misconduct or refusal to follow any direction of the coach can result in the canellation of any participation in clinics.

All athletes shall accept and be bound by the Equestrian Australia National Rules for Eventing 2011 and are responsible for knowing and complying with these Rules.(2011 Eventing Rules)

Neither Equestrian Australia, the NSW Eventing Council, Sub-Committees of Eventing NSW, the Coach or the owner(s) of the property accepts any liability whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, athletes, ground spectators or any other person or property.

Eventing NSW reserves the right to refuse an application, with or without stating a reason.


What is your age in years as at 1st January 2011?*



Home Phone*

Horses name*

What is the highest level you and this horse competed at in 2010?*

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If you have not competed with this horse please tick as applicable

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If this horse is new to you, how long have you been riding it?

If this horse is new to you, what is the higest level you rode in 2010

If this horse is new to you, what is the highest level the horse has competed in Eventing?

If you ticked 'None of the above' please give details about the horses experience and your riding experience. (limit to 12 words)

I am a current member of Equestrian Australia

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If an Equestrian Australia member - what is your membership number?

I am a current member of Eventing NSW*

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Name of Parent or Guardian - compulsory for Junior Riders

1st choice SQUAD*

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2nd choice SQUAD*

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I have read thr EvNSW Junior & Young Rider website pages*

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I have downloaded the Jnr & YR EvNSW resources*

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I am enrolled in EA Equi-skills*

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I attended a Development or Star Squad clinic in 2010*

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I attended the Camden Winter Camp in 2010*

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I attended the Mirrabooka Summer Camp in 2011*

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I have read the information above and agree to abide by all conditions. *

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